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What is DNA

Is Maternity DNA test now as important?
Oh Yes! The maternity of a child can be questioned just like paternity of a child. Though question of
maternity is one that has been silently asked throughout the ages, as the cases of mother not being the
biological parent of her child is not common but as increased drastically.
Research as it that 4 out of 10 African mothers are not the biological mother of their child. (Quote the
So what is Maternity DNA test?  
Similar to a paternity test, A DNA maternity test is the most reliable method for determining whether or
not a woman is the biological mother of a child. We compare the DNA pattern of the child with that of the
potential mother. When a baby is conceived, it inherits DNA from the father (50%) and from the mother
(50%). The maternity DNA test will clearly indicate whether or not if the woman is the biological mother. Reason you might want to consider a Maternity DNA Test Immigration
  DNA maternity testing for immigration purposes is typically requested by U.S. citizens who are
sponsoring their biological mother or child in an immigrant visa, citizenship or passport application and
who have been requested by immigration authorities to provide additional evidence of their biological
relationship.  As a DDC (DNA DIAGNOSTIC CENTER) accredited facility, LYNX DNA
LABORATORIES test results is approved by immigration Department of States needing DNA testing for
Immigration purposes.
A surrogate mother is a woman who carries and gives birth to a child for another person or couple.  The
surrogate mother may be the biological mother of the child (known as traditional surrogacy, which is
performed by artificial insemination of the surrogate mother with the sperm of an intended father), or she
may be unrelated to the child (known as gestational surrogacy, which is accomplished through IN VITRO
FERTILIZATION [IVF] of the eggs of the intended mother with sperm of the intended father, and
subsequent implantation of the fertilized embryos into the surrogate’s uterus).
Mothers that have used IVF treatment often require a maternity test, this is when the process of
fertilization has happened outside of the woman’s body and in a laboratory instead. The maternity test
gives the mother peace of mind that there hasn't been a mix up in the fertilization process and that the
child is hers.
Baby Swap
Occasionally, a baby could have been accidentally switched at birth in the hospital. A maternity test is
required to resolve the situation.
Adoption Reunification
In these cases, an adopted child who believes they may have located their birth mother can confirm if this
is indeed true. How to find your biological mother
The first step is to speak a professional establishment (you can reach one here: +234805121307 or
+2349010001990 or +2349010001992. It is FREE) to help find your biological mother, as they will most likely have the
resources and expertise to help in your case.
Once an alleged mother has been found, the best way to clarify if they truly are your birth mother is via a
maternity test. As this will examine both individuals DNA to see if the child’s DNA has been inherited
from the alleged mother.     
Why you should choose us
Many laboratories require both parents to be tested to ensure they provide highly accurate results. Due to
the unique DNA testing used by our partners DDC (DNA Diagnostic Center), offering four times the
number of DNA markers tested, we are able to provide the world's most accurate maternity test without
needing to test the father, however the father can be included if necessary.
All that is needed is a mouth swab to be taken and results can be expected within 3-5weeks after the
laboratory has received the samples. This test will provide peace of mind for all involved, as it will give a
100% conclusive result.   
We pride in solving identity problems.
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