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All You Need To Know About Having A DNA TEST With Us

All You Need To Know About Having A DNA TEST with Us
Our process is simple! Here are the steps to undergo to find your peace of mind
Since every situation is unique, we highly recommend that you call (+2349010001990 or +2349010001992 ) our Paternity
Experts to ensure you order the test that’s right for you. At Lynx DNA Laboratories, we want your
experience to be fast, confidential and easy. Our goal is to help you find the answers you need.
Get Started
From the point when you contact us whether via our website, social media handles, or phone numbers, we
respond promptly to your request and merge you immediately with one of our expert consultants who will
take up your case professionally at no cost. Yes! You heard right. Our consultation is FREE.   Find a Location
Once we receive a quest to initiate a DNA test, we assign a case manager and a professional to oversee all
aspect of sample collections and testing. No matter where you reside in Nigeria we make the process
convenient for you by connecting you with a consultant closest to your location (SEE COLLECTION
CENTERS) everyone involved by handling all the arrangements. We schedule appointments we finalize
the details, provide you with the information needed including the date, time and location, as well as the
local contact per (SEE COLLECTION CENTERS)   Proof Your Identity
In order to precise identity the person being tested, each person needs to bring the following items to
samples collection office; a picture ID such as a driver’s license, passport, or state issued ID and or birth
certificate for the child.
A photograph is also taken of each tested person at the time of sample collection to further ensure the
correct and accurate identification of the individual being tested. Each tested persons signs a statement
that they observed the labeling of their sample and the information on the sample is true and correct.
Samples are immediately sealed in a tamper proof manner. Strict chain of custody is followed during
shipment and processing of samples   No blood. No needles.   Just a small saliva sample.
However, there are different biological materials used to determine a DNA profile which include but not
limited to blood, semen, saliva, urine, feces, hair, teeth, bone, tissue and cells. In cases where these are the
samples available we will also instruct you on how to go about it Your Prove Is Here
In approximately 2-4 weeks, we will contact you to let you know your reports are ready. Results
from our partners in the USA will be available within 48hours after receiving samples. For our
Nigerian clients, it will take 14 working days. Remember there are many facts that can affect the
timing of the test results but be rest assured that under no circumstance will we ever sacrifice quality.
Results are mailed to your office as all tested and / or their designated representatives, unless
otherwise instructed by court order. In cases of adoption, the results are released to the adoption
agency or its designee. We can also fax the results to a designated legal or medical representative
upon request. We do not release results over the telephone to ensure privacy and confidentiality We guaranty our clients a seamless and uncomplicated process at unbelievable charges. Find it too good
to be true? Why not give us a call immediately +2349010001992 or +2349010001990 Website:
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Call:  +2349010001990 or +2349010001992
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