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What DNA is

What is DNA Do you know that various variations in our body type
like our eye color, hair color, blood group, genotype
and so on comes from a slight variation in our genetic
Interested in knowing who you are and using that
knowledge to change your lives?
Well, we got you covered.
Meet Mr D.N.A also known as Deoxyribonucleic Acid.
He helps unlock various secrets in our DNA to shed
more light on the “Who we are question”. He is a
molecule that has all the information that relates to
your body composition. He even has the information
that is necessary to build and maintain an organism.
The sweetest part of it is he lives in you (well if you
are a living thing and you can read this post trust me
he does). And if he lives in you, he can travel through
your generations, that is, your kids.