About Us

Who We Are!

Lynx DNA Laboratory is the leading DNA testing center based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Through a growing network of globally recognized partnerships that we have built over the years, we are accredited by the United States-based GENETICA DNA Laboratories and DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC) to deliver fast, accurate and affordable DNA testing through our offices in major cities across the country.

Affordable DNA Testing Center
Affordable DNA Testing Center

What We Do!

We use the most proven and advanced methods of DNA testing technology, coupled with credibility of our partners who are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH), the United State Department of Health and Human Service (CLIA) for DNA Parentage testing.

Over the past 16 years, we have been able to resolve many DNA related issues such paternity fraud, forensic investigations, immigration eligibility, family reconstruction (in cases where the alleged fathers were late), maternity and siblingship disputes.

How DNA Testing Is Done?

We use two extremely accurate DNA sample collection techniques, blood and swab, depending on the client's preference. Cheek swabbing is a safe, easy way and less painful to collect the sample because almost every cell in a person's body contains his or her unique DNA.

It is important to note that DNA in the cheek cells is the same as the DNA in blood cells and provides 100% information as in the case of blood samples. As such, cheek swab collection works as effectively as blood sample method, though the former is often preferred because it is less painful.

After collection, each sample is then sealed in its own envelope, labeled for identification purposes and sent to our lab for processing.

Affordable DNA Testing Center
Affordable DNA Testing Center

Why Choose Us?

We are an efficient and recognized DNA laboratory, partnering with DNA Diagnostic Center, in OHIO, USA to bring efficient, credible and conclusive DNA services to every state in Nigeria.

At Lynx DNA Laboratory, we treat every client with care, respect and confidentiality. We deliver accurate, private and secure and quick results putting the clients in consideration in terms of costs. We give pre and Post-Test counseling in order to advise on the best test to do for the purpose stated and to promote harmony in the family at no cost.

DDC is the first DNA center to be accredited by AABB, a program that establishes and promotes the highest standards of testing quality and care for patients and clients in all aspects of parentage and other relationship testing. They are the first to guarantee the superb accuracy of DNA results higher than 99.9% and provide a conclusive result.

How Much Is a DNA Test?

The cost of DNA tests in Nigeria differs based on the DNA test service and where in the country the test will be taken. Choose the DNA test type that meets your requirements, current location and other preferences, to enjoy our fast, convenient and affordable DNA test services.

Affordable DNA Testing Center
Affordable DNA Testing Center

Can DNA Testing Be Wrong?

Yes, for a number of reasons, DNA test results can be wrong. That is why Lynx DNA Laboratories ensure our tools and techniques are regularly vetted and upgraded to DNA testing international best practices. Absolute adherence to chain of custody in legal cases is our watchword.