What is DNA Banking

DNA banking is a secure long term storage/ preservation process of an individual's genetic materials for future use. Because DNA contains valuable information of an individual, family health risks, underlying health conditions, and ancestry, preservation of DNA ensures that the information is accessible to future generations.

In some cases, family members of a deceased person can request that his/her DNA samples be collected and preserved before the person is cremated or buried, mostly for future referencing.

DNA banks at Lynx DNA Laboratory conserve comparative analysis and genetic material of clients for as long as they want.

DNA Banking in Nigeria

​​Why DNA Banking?

Banking your DNA will preserve your genetic legacy for the next generation in your family. Banked DNA is typically an investment for the family's future health because it is testable after the person has passed away. Similar to life insurance or creating a will, DNA banking can be likened to investing in your family's future.

DNA Banking provides families with the chance to pursue genetic testing some time in the future. By testing and comparing generational changes to someone’s DNA, it can be easily detected when some members of his/her family are at the risk of developing a hereditary illness or disorder such as cancer.

How DNA Banking Works

DNA preserved in DNA banks will be stored either within cells and extracted upon retrieval from storage or extracted from cells and purified before storage. The quality of the DNA is expressed through yield, purity, molecular weight, amplification efficiency and authenticity of sequences.

At Lynx DNA Laboratory, we have advanced technology to preserve DNA - liquid nitrogen storage preserves DNA quality over the course of decades and storage at -20 °C and -80 °C can prevent degradation for months or years.

This facilitates the constitution of large collections, sharing of samples, multiple testing on the same DNA samples for either medical and research purposes or unraveling someone's sudden death which has not been previously resolved.

Where Is the Best DNA Bank in Nigeria

Lynx DNA Laboratory offers DNA Banking among other DNA test services in various accredited DNA testing centers that are present across all geo-political zones in Nigeria. Here is a list of our DNA Test Centers in Nigeria.

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