What is a MtDNA (Female Lineage) DNA Test?

A mitochondrial DNA test (mtDNA test) traces someone's matrilineal or mother-line ancestry using the DNA in his or her mitochondria. mtDNA is passed down by the mother unchanged, to all her children, both male and female which means this DNA test can therefore be taken by both men and women to determine female lineage relationship.

Female Lineage test, mtDNA comparison DNA test, is mostly used to confirm relationship to long-lost relatives and possible ancestors through the maternal line.

Why MtDNA (Female Lineage) DNA Test?

Female Lineage Test provides additional information for situations where maternity is in question, but the mother is unavailable for a maternity test. Although Female Lineage Testing does not determine maternity itself, it can determine the child’s relationship to a possible maternal relative.

Mt (Female Lineage) DNA Test Center in Nigeria

How Does MtDNA (Female Lineage) DNA Test Work?

Female Lineage Test identifies genetic variations in Mitochondrial DNA of the people involved. It can be used to obtain information about the direct female ancestral line.

Mitochondrial DNA, mtDNA or Female Lineage testing, can be useful for genealogy because it preserves information about female ancestors that may be lost from the historical record because of the way surnames are often passed down.

When Can Female Lineage Test Be Done?

It is mostly for genealogy, ancestry or family history. It goes beyond what can be learnt from relatives or from historical documentation. Female Lineage test, or mtDNA test, examines DNA variations which provides clues about where a person's ancestors might have come from and about relationships between different families.

Where to Do Female Lineage Test in Nigeria?

Lynx DNA Laboratory offers Mt (Female Lineage) DNA Test in Nigeria among other DNA Test services in various accredited testing centers that are present in states in all geo-political zones in Nigeria. Here is a list of our DNA Test centers in Nigeria.

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