What Is a Twin Zygosity DNA Test?

Twin Zygosity DNA Test, also called a “twins test”. It shows whether twins are identical or fraternal. The DNA analysis used to determine the degree of similarity between twins, is also called Zygosity.

During Antenatal visits, the physician might be able to tell whether twins are identical or fraternal through ultrasound examination of the placenta. However, there are cases whereby parents find out much later that the Twin Zygosity DNA test shows the opposite of what the ultrasound examination showed!

Twin Zygosity DNA Test Center in Nigeria

Why Twin Zygosity DNA Test?

Twin Zygosity DNA Testing is used to determine whether multiple children born simultaneously together (twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.) are genetically identical or not. The test is often used to determine whether multiple siblings are identical because it can help assess the likelihood of conceiving multiple births again.

Accurately determining zygosity is also important afterbirth in order to estimate the likelihood of the mother or close female relatives giving birth to further sets of twins, because only DZ twins can run in families.

How Does Twin Zygosity DNA Test Work?

Because identical twins are usually from one egg, they will share the exact same DNA profile while Fraternal twins will not. Based on this, a Twin Zygosity test compares the DNA profile of the twins tested to confirm whether they are identical or not.

When Is Twin Zygosity DNA Test Done?

When the medical records regarding zygosity (similarities between twins) may have been lost, or doubt may have arisen because of the twins’ physical characteristics as they age. Scientists recommend the Twin Zygosity DNA Test.

Twin Zygosity DNA test results may be used to satisfy personal curiosity or to assist with twins' health issues that may arise later in future.

Where Is the Twin Zygosity DNA Test Done in Nigeria?

Lynx DNA Laboratory offers Twin Zygosity DNA Test in Nigeria among other DNA Test services in various accredited testing centers that are present in states in all geo-political zones in Nigeria. Here is a list of our DNA Test centers in Nigeria.

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